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Netrek Game Controls (Windows Version)

Changing Controls - If you would like to reconfigure your keys you will need to edit the "netrekrc" file located in your Netrek install directory. Not an easy task to explain. There is a configuration utility that comes with the Windows version on this site that can be used to configure your keyboard, mouse controls and some of the features built into the Windows version available on this site. If you are new and absolutely must change your configuration, it is recommended that you use this utility. For more information on changing your configuration, reference the help file that comes with the game. A link to this help file will be created when you install the game(Windows only). Since the controls can vary greatly, depending on the options you choose in the configuration utility, we recommend referencing your "Game Controls" document that is created when you install the game. A shortcut to this document has been created in your Netrek program group and contains the controls you chose in the configuration utility.